Read about Stanford study. Results published April 2018. Certain supplement (easily found on the web for purchase and Ritalin. This combination is supposed to help with ME. I don't know why I haven't heard anything about this!!!! I emailed Bonilla at Stanford and he--2 days later-emailed me exactly this in response to me asking to… Continue reading Help.

Bird in Hand The broken bird hears my hand the golden hand is coming Coming to adjust your pulse so put the scissors down They’re dull, rusty, lefties Pointless A quiet reprieve for the non-flying If you find you’re missing calls Blanket the bird, make it dark There’s no plan to take off.


I crashed.  Hard.  Thankfully, I have insurance.  Unfortunately, I get so tired of being my own advocate.  I can not pinpoint what triggered this one but it has been bad, really bad.  Today, Thursday, is the first day this week that I've not been predominately bed-bound.  The other days I've woken up with migraines, swollen… Continue reading CRASH!