Read about Stanford study. Results published April 2018. Certain supplement (easily found on the web for purchase and Ritalin. This combination is supposed to help with ME. I don’t know why I haven’t heard anything about this!!!! I emailed Bonilla at Stanford and he–2 days later-emailed me exactly this in response to me asking to try this new protocol—ready??? Who is going to prescribe it? WTF? You! You are. You are my doctor. I FLY to California. WHO else is going to prescribe it?

This last crash has me discouraged. I’m in pain, I feel hollow, nauseous-like the most pernicious flu eating me from the inside out. And then there’s the isolation. I can’t exist like this. No one should EVER and then to have professionals completely FAIL you.

this is what I text to my husband-

I’m the crazy sick lady. Shriveled up losing myself

aggravating doctors and boring friends.

5 thoughts on “Help.”

      1. Thank you.
        Right now I’m even more confused. It looks like the same study but Cort Johnson’s article is from 2015. I need somebody without a brain fog to look at it.

        By the way I’m a patient at NOVA and nobody there told me about this study (it was conducted at NOVA, too). I asked about it during my phone consultation and she said I can try it, it’s fine with her but she’s unable to prescribe Ritalin from a different state. Also she always wants me to try one new thing at a time.


      2. I haven’t heard about the inability to prescribe Ritalin out of state. I think some docs are reluctant bc they want to cover their a$$es but I don’t believe it is illegal in any way. My doc recently had a change of heart and is going to escribe it from California to Virgina. Also, I totally understand the scientific methodology of trying one thing at a time to limit variables BUT I personally do not want to throw a way one more minute of my life. I’ll do anything and everything and I’d rather later remove things and learn by process of elimination. I don’t care as much as what scientists can learn as I do regaining a SEMBLANCE of my life back. Tic tock.


  1. Well I felt the same about brain fog. I had a telephone appointment with Dr. Bonilla from Stanford today and he is the results of the study showed NO LONG TERM benefit. He told me not to take Ritalin as it could cause more crashes and he said there was no evidence to support purchasing the KPax vitamins.


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