Double Winner

I think I might be a double winner!  I think I have Sjorgens. Doesn’t that sound cool!? Scandinavian.  Plus, it’s what Venus Williams has and she ROCKS!

My eyes have, off and on, become very swollen (as can be seen [unless your eyes are swollen too] from my bad selfie in a previous blog. Maybe I have selfiliculitus–could happen to anyone. Anyway, the eye problem has been more on than off lately . In fact, it’s been every day.  And it hurts.  My whole face hurts, like I’m wearing a weighted mask.

Now, if this were solely cosmetic, I’d be less concerned.  But, as someone with ME, I am relentlessly pursuing causes and conditions.  I believe that if I can figure out the why, I can give it a name (the what) and then investigate HOW to fix it.  With ME this pursuit has humbled me over and over but giving up is not an option.  For some time, I brushed off this eye issue as yet another ME anomaly.  You know, all of the weird and seemingly unrelated symptoms we have with ME that lead many to the contemptuous assumption of text book hypochondria.

As a tennis aficionado, I’ve always followed the Williams sisters and when I learned that Venus was out for a while with an autoimmune disease, I wanted to know HOW she recovered.  Secretly, I was hoping she had ME and would create more of an urgency to find a cure or at least treatments.  So when this whole thing started with my eyes, I went back and researched Sjogrens and I have many of the symptoms.  Apparently it is not at all uncommon to have two autoimmune diseases, one primary and one secondary and maybe sometimes they can share the primary distinction!  Like fraternal twins.  Awe.

I had a tennis lesson today–that was interesting.  It’s literally my favorite hour of the whole week and I’ve had to miss a lot lately.  Today, I forced myself to go, wishing I could’ve gotten away with wearing my Jackie O’ sunglasses but we were indoors.  I asked my tennis pro how I could continue to improve given –ok let’s just say it—ALL THIS SHIT–and he told me to play three times a week and go to the gym five.  Could I sleep at the gym?  On one of those mats maybe?  There you go.  He’s well-aware that I’ve been sick for quite some time and that I laboriously drag my ass to play once or twice a week (and tell my ego to shut-up) and that I USED TO BE A TRIATHLETE (don’t worry, I won’t ever let you forget;).  Why, why, WHY has he not nominated me as a local hero?  There’s still time.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with yet another local rheumatologist.  I’ll tell you what…I’ll ask him about my eyes and I’ll let you know if I’m a Winner or a Double Winner!

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